United Way Day of Caring | Cosmo Industries and SMI

SMI has been a very big supporter of United Way for the past couple of years and this year we chose them as our Major Donation recipient, distributing $40,000 to the United Way chapters across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

This year, United Way of Saskatoon and Area has asked SMI participate in the annual Day of Caring on June 9th.  Day of Caring hosts partnerships between United Way of Saskatoon and Area, business and labour groups, local sponsors, and community partners and programs by demonstrating our commitment to building a stronger, more caring community.

We are so excited to announce that we have partnered up with Cosmopolitan Industries. Cosmo enhances the quality of life for adults with intellectual disabilities. As a social enterprise, they feature day programs focused on vocational activities which challenge capabilities and build self-esteem.  Their community-based approach includes quality of life programs with the intent each program participant can live a better, more meaningful and more productive life.

Cosmo has asked SMI to create a positive message that we can send to their members, staff, and volunteers. Because most of the SMI staff is working from home, we have decided to create a collage message that we can send to Cosmo showing our support of such an amazing organization. This collage was created by SMI staff members to show that even though we can’t be there to show our gratitude in person, we still have Cosmo Industries in our thoughts.