Thank a Hero Thursdays

COVID-19 has shone a spotlight on the selfless nature of Saskatchewan people. Everyday citizens — health care workers, grocery store staff, cleaners, truckers, delivery drivers, and good Samaritans aplenty — have risked their well-being to serve their neighbours and ensure the rest of us have the essentials to weather this pandemic.

IBAS, in partnership with Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance and My Mutual Insurance, would like to help brokerages recognize these heroes — while supporting valuable businesses in our communities.

Every Thursday during May, IBAS will be making a draw for two $250 gift certificates — redeemable at local businesses — to be presented to community heroes who have gone above and beyond during the COVID-19 crisis.

Brokers will nominate a deserving individual and their name will be entered into the draw.  The nomination requirements include a brief explanation of why the broker thinks the person is a true hero during this trying time.

The broker will also choose a local business that they want to support and this business will be the local business that the gift certificate will be purchased from to present to the recipient drawn.  The draws will take place every Thursday during May.

We are pleased to announce that this week’s heroes are:

May 28, 2020
Tanessa Hamilton of Hub International
has nominated Lisa Muir. Lisa has been awarded a $250 gift certificate to Lange’s Country Meats in Rose Valley for her much appreciated role as a teacher and ensuring that her and her students are still connecting during this time.

Lyndon Block of Block’s Agencies in Langham has nominated Marlene Kulyk. Marlene has been awarded a $250 gift certificate to Dieter Martin Greenhouse in Langham for going above and beyond during this crisis in setting up grocery deliveries and expanding store hours to help the community of Borden when they needed it.

May 21, 2020
Danah White of Hub International in Emerald Park has nominated Diana Baker. Diana has been awarded a $250 gift certificate to Bigway Foods in Indian Head for her work as a pharmacy technician and ensuring safe and timely prescription deliveries to those who need it.

Justine Bamford of Western Financial Group in Assiniboia has nominated Stephanie Vandesype. Stephanie has been awarded a $250 gift certificate to Timothy Daniels Clothing in Assiniboia by sharing the much needed positivity and cheer during this unprecedented time that helps uplift the overall morale of her community.

May 15, 2020
Glynis Waldner of Knight Archer Insurance in Humboldt nominated Shaun Parfitt. Shaun has been awarded a $250 gift certificate to Diamonds of Detroit in Humboldt for his inspiring work on the front lines as an EMT.

Cindy Jensen of Steen Agencies Insurance in Weldon nominated Jessica Jenson. Jessica has been awarded $250 gift certificate for Body Mechanics Salon & Spa in Prince Albert for being on the front lines each day as an RN while juggling the responsibilities of having a young family.

May 8, 2020
Anita Silvernagle of Landis Insurance Services nominated Cheryl Desrosiers. Cheryl has been awarded a $250 gift certificate to the Biggar Shop Easy for going above and beyond during this crisis volunteering to deliver groceries, mail, and pharmacy orders for seniors and self-isolating residents in Biggar.

Jen McQuire from Affinity Insurance in Regina nominated Amy Weekes. Amy has been awarded a $250 gift certificate to Malty National Brewing for going above and beyond during this crisis delivering groceries and home-baked treats, sending gift cards to friends, and keeping everyone’s spirits up.

Thank a Hero Thursday
Pictured above are Naomi Van Berkom (Shop Easy Foods), Cheryl Desrosiers (Local Hero), Leisha Desrosiers (Biggar & Landis Insurance Services), and Greg Pidwerbesky (Shop Easy Foods).

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