Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance is Proud to be a Supporting Partner in the IBAS $10,000 Community Challenge

COVID-19 has ripped apart what we had considered a normal life. Social distancing, masks, hand sanitizer, videoconferencing, 6 feet apart, are all now an “ordinary” part of our lives. The pandemic has strained our communities, the families that live within them, and the organizations that serve them.

IBAS and its insurance partners know how hard the past few months have been and wanted to give something back to rejuvenate the community spirit. IBAS, SGI Canada, Lydale Construction, Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance, and Wawanesa Insurance teamed up to give $10,000 to help one deserving IBAS member brokerage make a significant impact within its community.

Interested Brokers were asked to submit a short project proposal that details how the brokerage would use $10,000 to make a real difference in their community. An independent, third-party selection committee was asked to review the 29 proposals that they received to pick the one that thought would benefit most.

Congratulations to Johnston Agencies in Porcupine Plain, SK on being selected as the winning submission in the IBAS $10,000 Community Challenge!  The funds will be used to fix and resurface the local arena so that it can open again this season for the community to skate and enjoy hockey at home rather than at other rinks in the area.  Much of the work is being done by residents volunteering their time and services.

The selection committee was inspired by Johnston Agencies’ dedication to the community of Zenon Park and was deeply encouraged by the difference this $10,000 contribution will make to the people who live there. We all know the central role that arenas play in the fabric of our communities — and that is doubly true for small towns in Saskatchewan. It is our hope that these funds will provide much-needed support to ensure this facility will remain functioning well into the future.