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Ann Patrick (Phillips), Executive Secretary, and Mr. Cuthbert. This was taken at an annual meeting party at the Bessborough. Everyone used to dress up for these occasions.

Ann had a private office toward the end of her employment with the company. This was in the MacMillan Building (310 - 312 MacMillan Building). Once she had become secretary, Ann composed most of the letters which went out, although Mr. Earl, Manager, also gave her his handwritten ones to type. She was given a lot of freedom, as well as a lot of responsibility. One part of Mrs. Patrick's job was to check and sign policies everyday.

When the auditors, Stempel and Patrick, came to do the auditing they were given space in her office to do the work. Mr. George Patrick, the auditor, and Ann Phillips fell in love and were married in 1932. At that time there was an unwritten "law" that you couldn't be a married employee if your spouse was employed. Before the wedding, the staff arranged a big party for the newlyweds, decorating the whole office. Mr. Earl gave them a gift of $100 and the staff gave them assorted china.

Doris Skinner, Urdine Woodside, Emily Kramm, Betty Varey, and Kate Newell on the roof of the MacMillan Building. The picture was probably from the 40's or very early 1950's. In approximately 1925 or 1926, the company took over half of the second floor of the MacMillan Building, using the part which overlooked 2nd Avenue. It was a very beautiful facility.

They used to go out and watch the parade that began Exhibition Week while they were standing on the roof of the building. This was an exciting event.

Evelyn Lawley, Ted Hearn, Helen Baumgardner, Fay Petrie, Phyllis Christensen, Etta Bartel, and Keith Douglas on the roof of the MacMillan Building.

Keith Douglas retired from SMI in 1989 after more than 40 years of service. He was the Assistant Claims Manager when he retired.

Mr. Cuthbert, Mr. Diggle, and Mr. Pryor. C.E. Diggle, employed as Claims Inspector for 30 years, died in 1945. It seems he was not retired, but still a full-time employee of the company.

Arlene Baxter, Betty Brander, Peggy Levins, Kay Wolokoff, Louise Carnation, and Helen Bitz on the roof of the MacMillan Building. Taken approximately 1950's.

Hanley Fire, June 19, 1947. L-R facing camera: W.A. Pryor, Jack Hammill. Mr. Hammill was Managing Director from 1952 until late 1978, and he passed away October 30, 2000.

Taken approximately 1931. Back, L-R: Avis Workman, Elsie Gash, Ann Phillips (later, Patrick), Ethel Forsyth.

Front L-R: Mr. Cuthbert, Doris Wanstall, Irma Workman (later, Porter), Mr. Jones and Mr. Diggle.

Back, L-R: Avis Workman, Elsie Gash, Doris Wanstall, Ethel Forsyth,

Front, L-R: Mr. Cuthbert, Irma Workman, Mr. Pryor, Ann Patrick, Mr. Diggle.

Taken approximately 1931.

L-R: Mr. and Mrs. Cuthbert, Mr. Ross

Front Row L-R: Beth English, ?, Elsie Gash. Probably at an Annual Meeting in the 40's or early 50's

At an Annual Meeting in the 40's or early 50's.

Mr. Earl and Mrs. Jack Evans at Annual Meeting in 40's or early 50's. Mr. H.R. Earl was one of the earliest managers of the company. Jack Evans was a member of the Board of Directors. When Mr. Earl retired he was replaced by J.B. Hammill as Managing Director in 1952. Ann Patrick said that Mr. Earl was "a brilliant man", a "wonderful, kind manager" of the office. He was manager for a long time. Because he was also a director of the company, he was also Managing Director.

Once a year, for several years, he hosted a beautiful formal banquet at the Bessborough Hotel. This was a wonderful affair for staff, directors, and auditors (the Patricks both came). The men wore tuxedos and the women put on their finest clothes. At such gatherings Mr. Earl was likely to call on anyone to make a speech. There was no mention of people minding this. He was a man who used "perfect English" both in the written and spoken word. [Source: Interview of Mrs. Patrick, 1993]

Whittaker Brothers at an Annual Meeting in the 40's or early 50's

Mr. Ross, Mr. Whittaker, Sr., Ben Whittaker, and another Whittaker brother.

Party Game (either at an Annual Meeting or a Christmas party in the 40's or early 50's. The woman is Mrs. Fisher, the wife of the Superintendent from Regina.

Peg Whittaker with Mr. Ross, an Annual Meeting in the 40's or early 50's.

L-R: Elsie Gash, and unknown individuals

Back: Scott Laidlaw, with Beth English beside him.

Back L-R: Mr. Earl, Mr. Cuthbert, Mr. Diggle (Claims Manager)

Front L-R: Mrs. Cuthbert, Mrs. Diggle an Annual Meeting in the 40's or early 50's

Betty Adams, Ben Whittaker and Mr. Whittaker, Sr., Elsie Gash, and a Director's wife at an Annual Meeting in the 40's or early 50's

At an Annual Meeting in the 40's or early 50's - Bessborough Hotel

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